Manchester Life I was hoping this evening to bring word of the wall of flowers which is being errected in Picadilly Gardens. Unfortunately I lunk-headedly forgot to take my camera, so let's pretend its radio and try and describe the scene. In the Gardens, at around the time of the Commonwealth Games, a giant concrete wall was errected for reasons which a Manchester councillor described on the television as 'challenging'. It's certainly that. It's big and bland but hides some bus stops and an even more depressing piece of architecture which some shops have the misfortune of renting. It basically looks like someone has taken a concrete breeze block and zapped it to massive size.

The concept for the wall of flowers is for a selection of flora to be arranged in the shape of a giant flower then hung off this mortar monstrosity; imagine a giant computer drawing with each flower representing a pixel. The full story is here. The tableau was meant to be put up early this morning but when I visited only half of one of the pictures had been errected. Because of the wind. Picadilly Gardens is a wind trap. So what flowers were on the wall were being blown away from the intricately designed display. And the sections on the floor which were waiting to be put up were being blown about and blown over. It was quite sad really and not at all what the organisers had hoped. The scene is going to be displayed until Saturday night but I'm taking Easter off so I'll be missing the full bloom.

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