Not nostalgia

TV Over the past few days I've been watching many Frank Capra films in preparation for an upcoming essay. Most of these have been from university library tapes which were recorded when the relevant work appeared on television generally from around 1997. In some ways as exciting as the films themselves is the tv-nalia which surrounds them, in the adbreaks of afterwards. It's a wierd kind of nostalgia because it's not about looking back at things you remember fondly -- it's about seeing adverts and television programmes and effemera from your past which demonstrate the passage years. Here's a partial list of things I've seen...

* Lisa Rogers as a runner in a tampon advert
* Barry Norman on Film '97 reviewing The English Patient the week it came out and interviewing Ralph Fiennes wearing his Oniegin moustache.
* Trailer for This Life's second series the week it began.
* The John Smiths Advert with Jack Dee and the penguins
* A trailer for a season of horror films which appeared on Channel 4 one Christmas
* An advert for New Year's Eve programming that same year -- Eurotrash and dancing raw poultry
* Some bloke from Hollyoaks advertising spot cream

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