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Radio "John Humphrys was co-hosting this morning's show alongside James Naughtie. This is the programme's classic line-up, and one I always look forward to hearing. Two greats, side by side, inspiring each other to greater heights of incisive cross-examination and equally cutting gags. But they wouldn't be anywhere near as good if they didn't have such an ace line-up of reports and topics with which to grapple." -- Alistair Myles

I love the Today programme. Granted in my morning routine, breakfast always seems to hopelessly coincide with Thought For The Day, although sometimes even that can be hopelessly moving. On Thurday, the show played host to Kevin Spacey answering critics of his policies at the Old Vic and the premature closure of Robert Altman's production of Arthur Miller's Resurrection Blues. It's one of the few moments when I've heard the interview caught on the hop and stuttery. But you can't blame her. If I was in a room with Spacey, I'd be filtering my reactions through all of his film roles. One moment he's Bobby Darren (sigh), next he's Verbal Kint (aaaah!). Mostly in this interview he sounds like Buddy Ackerman from Swimming With Sharks in his quieter moments. Just listen to the way he basically says he doesn't see why should need to apologise for anything. [Michael Billington of The Guardian also gives him an informed grilling here].

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