New Schedule

TV Sunday newspapers bring the following Saturday's television schedules which means we can take a look at the competition on the main channels next week ...

BBC Two Snooker: World Championship
ITV1 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Channel 4 The Passion: Films, Faith & Fury
Five Holy Man

Sport was inevitable for BBC Two -- it's the summer.

Notice that ITV1 are beginning their Potter fest a full hour before Doctor Who debuts but considering last year when they were solidly in the midst of a season of Ant & Dec it does suggest that they've decided that Saturday nights are simply not worth fighting for. Presenting a four year old film which as been out on dvd for as long does not look like a channel consciously trying to be an opposition -- why bother shelling out a budget for a slot when you don't think anyone will be watching?

Notice also that Four have moved their primetime Deal or No Deal which has been doing pretty well this last few weeks back an hour to make way for a documentary which looks interesting but is hardly playing to the same audience, and Five have done much the same thing as ITV1 with an eight year old Eddie Murphy movie from way past his prime.

I think we've got Saturday nights sewn up droogs ...

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