Talking in Cinemas

Film "Hire. Fucking. USHERS." -- John Rogers.

A call to arms and a valid one. The situation he describes here with the person holding the exit open so that they can complete their conversation whilst the film is going on is totally unacceptable and although it relates to the American theatrical industry I think it still holds true here in the UK. I've ranted about this before, but I'm in the mood so ... I haven't been to the multiplex since Syriana. That's because it becomes a battle to enjoy the film without any distractions. You keep telling yourself things like 'it's only a movie' and 'there are more important things to worry about' but you shouldn't have to. You've paid your money to enjoy the film without interuption, especially from people who (a) don't tend to be film fans and (b) will 'prolly'(sic) end up buying a pirate copy or hiring it out to watch at home anyway. Plus we have ushers but they don't stay for the whole film and tend to just trot in every half an hour letting the doors clatter as they enter and leave. I could crack on here and into the night about the couple who sat behind me at Much Ado About Nothing at the theatre the other week and talked all the way through any moment when there wasn't anyone speaking on stage but really I think I've taken up too much of your time already.

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