Screenselect merges with LoveFilm

Film "Not the most exciting story of the day this, but as it could effect UK DVD rentals, we thought you'd like to know that the top online companies have announced plans for a 50-50 merger. LoveFilm and Video Island's ScreenSelect will be consolidated under the LoveFilm consumer brand. The combined company will have more than 400,000 subscribers and a market share of about 17% of all UK DVD rental transactions." -- Time Out

I thought something like this might happen -- although it's wierd that ScreenSelect is being enveloped into LoveFilm and that at some point in the future I'l; be navigating their website instead. I suppose the only issue will be if there's a drop in service. But really I'm going to miss the little red packets dropping through my door. LoveFilm's olive variety just seem so formal.

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