"Fear is for the weak, Loktar..."

Comics Ahead of their return to our screens, here's Alan Moore's early Cyberman strip, Black Legacy. Dialogue doesn't really get more arch than...

"The Deathsmiths of Goth, with their awesome weaponary, were once more feared than even The Daleks ... until almost overnight their entire civilisation vanished without trace. Now, Goth is a dead world, a haunted planet, shunned by all ... or rather almost all!"

Later ...

"Incredible! This is all we had dreamed of ... and more! With devices like these the Cybermen will be truly invincible!"

Incidentally, features a Cyberleader Maxel, which has a certain wrongness to it. [via]

In other news, unsurprisingly Doctor Who is on this week's Radio Times front page. That's very cool and yet also horribly spoilery. Click only if you dare. Also Torchwood.tv have scans of Torchwood HQ and something of John Barrowman's first episode presenting This Morning.

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